free your smile workshops (see below for dates)


In just 90 minutes Fre wil go over a range of subjects that will make you way more self-sufficient to address sudden issues as dental pain and teeth accidents. But also a hands-on training (with tools) in self-diagnosing the severity of teeth- and gum issues. Multiple ways of self-testing your teeth will be demonstrated.

A short course to take away the fear that every inflammation, crack or dark spot is an issue, but also indicating what might need a bit of tender loving care.

Fre will show what is minimal invasive dentistry and how to avoid destructive dentistry. What you can do to prevent tooth wear, which is the main cause of toothache these days.

We will taste some healthy organic chocolate (!) after the break and then having fun holding your own dental mirror to see where the chocolate gets stuck. Same time we show which chipping teeth are still ok and what may be starting decay.

You will also get a clever probe to detect gum issues and to remove any left chocolate. Then follows a demo how to make your own natural toothpaste (or powder) including some real tasting of different versions made with different essential oils.

The course will include a self-massage training of the chewing muscles that will help to sleep better and help to prevent grinding and tooth wear.


  • what to do with teeth accidents adults and children
  • what to do and test with toothache
  • how to solve most gum issues
  • what to do after a filling has come out
  • what to do when a tooth cracks with biting
  • how to check if you really need a dentist or a dental hygienist
  • what is the only great toothbrush
  • why brushing does not prevent cavities and the 2 hour rule does
  • why not every dark spot on your teeth is decay and how to test
  • why massaging your gum and your head is so important
  • how to replace toxic toothpaste
  • how to remove and prevent tartar

Fre wil provide a handout with summaries and links to the book. The book is for sale at a reduced price during the course.

Afterwards there will be time for conversation about individual topics.

If you are interested in attending a workshop or help organise one, please leave your contact details (name, email, place). We will warn you when we have one coming up.

The group wil be minimal 10 and max 25 course takers. Koha is between $15 -35 per person (what you can afford).