Book “free your smile” orders outside New Zealand


Book ‘free your smile” orders outside New Zealand



This is a self-help book. I have written it to help you navigate the increasingly complex world of modern dentistry. My hope is that by understanding the logic behind different treatments you can ask the right questions in order to make the best decisions for your own health and wellbeing and also for your back pocket.

I am a dental surgeon with forty years of clinical experience behind me. This book is based on all this experience and the intuitive sense of what is right and what is wrong. And there still is a lot wrong with the money driven and often invasive treatments that modern dentistry offers, while more minimal invasive solutions are possible and sometimes treatment is not necessary at all.

The book starts with some very detailed ‘secrets’ about how easy it is to prevent further decay and wear of the teeth. Wear is the main culprit of loosing teeth in the age over fifty. How to prevent teeth from chipping, cracking and splitting. It is rather simple to stop this, with a minimal invasive dental treatment.

But there is so much more that you need to know to educate yourself (and your dentist). Take a sneak peek below and see for yourself!

Click here to have a peek view of the book first two chapters and contents


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